What is Alexandrite 755nm?

When 755nm laser is applied to the skin, both melanin and blood will absorb energy. While considering the strong absorption rate of melanin by wavelength, we cannot ignore its absorption rate of blood, because when both blood and melanin can be absorbed, melanin has no comparative advantage. Because blood is not the object we aim to deal with, we do not want blood to absorb energy too well, because the better the blood absorbs energy, the more energy it has, the less efficient it is to deal with melanin.
The energy absorbed by non target objects (blood), in addition to the overall energy output should be strengthened so that melanin can get a certain degree of stimulation, will also bring unnecessary side effects, such as redness, subcutaneous hemorrhage, anti melanosis, etc., which will extend the recovery time, but also increase the risk of side effects, such as pigment precipitation, anti melanosis and anti melanosis.
Therefore, the better the energy absorption ratio of melanin relative to blood, the less competitive absorption of hemoglobin, and the better the laser effect. The ratio of 755nm melanin to blood absorbed energy is 50 times better, while the ratio of 1064nm melanin to blood absorbed energy is only 16 times higher. Compared with 1064nm, its effect is about 3 times better.
755nm wavelength: sufficient penetration depth
When the above two conditions are met, the laser wavelength selection for pigmented skin problems is also crucial. That is, the penetration depth of these wavelengths to the skin must reach the dermis to effectively improve the pigmented lesions from the superficial layer to the deep layer of the skin.
Although the laser skin penetration depth of its wavelength is not clearly marked, it is not difficult to see from the penetration depth corresponding to the wavelength range and combining the penetration depth of different wavelengths to the skin in the following figure that its wavelength can effectively penetrate into the skin dermis, and can achieve good therapeutic effect on various pigmented lesions from the epidermis to the dermis.
Haitai optoelectronic chip data (pulse current, pulse width 50ms, repetition frequency 10Hz). Complete 850 hours, that is, 30 million pulses, meeting the life requirements of freckle removal and hair removal applications of 20 million times.
In addition to the 755nm wavelength, Qingdao Haitai Optoelectronics has also developed 780nm, 808nm, 880nm, 1064nm, 1470nm, 1550nm and other single tube chip products for the medical beauty market, which have received positive feedback and recognition from the market. At present, they are in the process of mass shipment. Interested customers are welcome to consult.

Post time: Nov-12-2022