We’re live on International.COSMEDPLUS

On September 19 at 9pm and September 27 at 9pm in the US, each live broadcast will last for three hours and all top-selling items will be discounted.

We’ve done two live broadcasts before now, and in each broadcast, more than 100 people watched. More people are interested in laser hair removal machine. There is a discount for each model, but the deadline is only in September.

We have professional business people who will demonstrate and explain all the machines, you can interact directly in the live broadcast room, you can consult the machines you are interested in, it is very efficient thing. We will answer your questions directly, address your concerns, and present FDA and CE certifications.

Of course, we not only have laser hair removal machines, but also weight loss EMS, frozen fat machine, radio frequency weight loss machine, eyebrow washing machine, facial cleaning machine. Product variety, give you a good choice and price.

We firmly believe that good quality is the purpose of the company, trust is the first.

Whether you buy the machine or not, we will help you. Because I want us to be friends. We have enough trust, you will have a good helper in China. You can learn a lot about the news and the real situation in China. Is that bad?

I am sure you will like China. If you plan to visit China, I will be your best guide. Give you sound advice.

I’m glad you read. I hope you enjoy your life.


Post time: Sep-16-2022