Two kinds of New 755nm Alexandrite laser machine released in market

COSMEDPLUS Alexandrite laser hair removal machine
In October 2022 we released two type of Alexandrite laser macine in the market . COSMEDPLUS Alexandrite laser hair removal machine in China adopted the standard of 755nm laser 20m24mm round large technology.

Alexandrite laser introduction :

Science and technology for the benefit of humanity, its “benefit” is reflected in the use of technology for people to solve the problem and another. Alexandrite laser hair removal system will use advanced science and technology power, and solves the unbearable pain in the process of hair removal problem, and greatly improve its results, it is the first choice for a comfortable, safe and effective hair removal.

Cosmedplus Alexandrite laser combines traditional freezing point all the advantages of hair removal, semiconductor laser hair removal, using 755 nm laser and 20mm / 24mm round large flare, with global patent certification of DCD cooling system, implements the comfortable ice cool hair removal, will not only hair removal rate up to 3 to 4 times before, more make large areas of hair removal becomes simple, hair removal time and the number of treatment.

COSMEDPLUS Alexandrite laser hair removal produced in micro thermal effect on the skin, DCD cooling system cools the skin quickly, will not cause damage to the skin, make treatment more comfortable and safe.So fast security cosmedplus alexandrite hair removal instrument and is known as the latest generation of “fast and safe hair removal instrument!”

Long pulse width: direct hair root never regeneration
COSMEDPLUS Alexandrite laser hair removal system can effectively through the skin to the position of the hair follicle, because of its pulse width of 20 mm/24mm, light stay on for a long time of hair follicle and hair follicles can absorb light energy, to achieve the goal that break down the follicle.Long pulse width makes the laser energy have plenty of time to destroy the hair shaft, hair follicles, and stem cell, realize the permanent hair.Hair removal effect and no adverse reactions.

DCD dynamic cooling system: the entire painless refreshing and comfortable
Laser pulse a few milliseconds before the coolant spray to the surface of the skin, only to fast effective cooling of skin, can effectively protect skin precise speed and does not affect the doctor view and treatment.The whole process of ice cool light, hair removal in!


Alexandrite laser advantages :

1.Permanent hair removal technology, the best absorption wavelength of 755 nm melanin

Best absorption peak wavelength is 755 nm melanin, can directly effect on hair follicle melanocytes specificity, using selective absorption of the target tissue, the energy of precise role in the hair follicle dry melanin, effectively break down the follicle and hair with super unique ability, special tiny light color hair still has outstanding performance.
2. The most comfortable hair removal process – DCD dynamic cooling system
American FDA safety certification of patent technology, DCD non-contact dynamic cooling system, completely avoid the “contact cooling may cause skin burns,” in the treatment of rapid cooling in the process of the skin, refreshing and comfortable.
3. Comprehensive improvement bring new surprises — big spot, high speed
Because the alexandrite laser has greater than traditional hair removal instrument of light, can make the hair follicle rapid heat conduction and undermine its growth again, greatly shorten the treatment time, treatment rate 4 to 5 times that of other laser hair removal machine.Hair removal parts of the pigment to treatment at the same time also has significant curative effect and vascular lesions, hair removal at the same time bring more surprises.


Alexandrite laser Treatment Application :

Due to excessive androgen secretion caused by endocrine disorders, their symptoms, hairy;
Genetic causes of hirsutism or race;
Skin deep but hair heavier people waxing;

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Post time: Oct-28-2022