The popular and effective skin rejuvenation skin whitening way : Black doll ND yag laser machine

    “Black-faced doll” is a highly recommended beauty item in Barbie (S) “Beauty King 2″. In local market, it is also called “Black Charcoal Doll” and “Black doll ND yag Laser”. Black-faced dolls are deeply loved by beauty lovers because of their remarkable effects, non-invasiveness, and no need for recovery. Black face doll is actually a method of skin whitening and rejuvenating . Since some black toner should be applied on the face during treatment, the face will be black, so it is called “black-faced doll”. During the treatment of black-faced doll, after the face is coated with black toner, the toner can absorb Dirt and keratin under the skin to whiten the skin. so as to achieve the effect of whitening the skin and removing blackheads, and then use ND yag laser blasting to break the toner, so as to achieve the ideal skin whitening effect. 

    Our Black doll ND yag laser machine” can effectively control the secretion of sebaceous glands, reduce inflammation and sterilization, inhibit the activity of Propionibacterium acnes, stimulate the shrinkage of pores, and whiten the skin. Since the laser light does not directly act on the skin, there is no need to worry Skin darkens and burns. It is a black carbon skin treatment that you do and want to do again . 

    Black-faced doll with ACMETEA repair factor can also stimulate the collagen under the skin to regenerate, which can make your skin more elastic, black-faced doll can whiten skin, shrink pores, lighten pigmentation, black-faced doll is safe and pain-free , a treatment method without side effects, therefore, the black face doll has been well received by the majority of beauty seekers. 

    If you want to get skin whitening , skin moisture and skin rejuvenation , welcome to consult us , Our Black doll ND yag laser machine can help you finish that goal . 

Post time: Aug-19-2022