New product released – 755nm Alexandrite laser hair removal machine

1.What is an Alexandrite laser?
Alexandrite laser is a kind of laser which uses Alexandrite crystal as laser source or medium.Alexandrit lasers produce light at specific wavelengths in the infrared spectrum (755 nm).It is considered a red laser.
Alexandrite laser can also be used in Q switching mode.Q-switching is a technique in which lasers produce high-intensity beams of light in very short pulses.

2.How does an alexandrite laser work?

Alexandrite laser is the unique device combining 755nm Alexandrite laser and 1064nm Long pulsed Nd YAG laser .Alexandrite 755nm wavelength due to the high melanin absorption it is effective for hair removal and pigmented lesions treatment. long pulsed Nd YAG 1064nm wavelength rejuvenate skin by stimulating the dermis layer,effectively treating vascular lesions.

755nm Alexandrite Laser :
755nm wavelength has high level of melanin absorption,and low absorption level of water and oxyhemoglobin, so 755nm wavelength can be effective on the target without specific damage on neighboring tissues.

1064nm Long Pulsed Nd YAG Laser:
Long pulse Nd YAG laser has low absorption in melanin and deeper skin penetration due to its high energy.It simulates dermis layer without damage of epidermis rearranges collagen and thus improves loose skin and fine wrinkles.

3.What is an alexandrite laser used for?
Vascular lesions
Pigmented lesions
Hair removal
Tattoo removal

4.Technology Feature :
1.Alexandrite laser has been the leader laser hair removal systems , It has been trusted by dermatologists and aestheticians in the world to make successfully treat for all skin types.
2.Alexandrite Laser penetrates the epidermis and it is selectively absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles . it has low absorption level of water and oxyhemoglobin, so 755nm alexandrite laser can be effective on the target without damage on neighboring tissues. So it is usually the best hair removal laser for skin types I to IV . treament speed : Higher fluences plus Super larger spot sizes slide on the target faster and efficient , Save the treatment times
4.Painless : shorter pulse durations stay on skin in very short time , DCD cooling system make protection for any type of skin , No pain , More safe and comfortable
5.Efficiency : Only 2-4 treatment times can get permanent hair removal effect .

With more energy, larger spot sizes, faster repetition rates and shorter pulse durations, Cosmedplus alexandrite laser is the result of decades of industry-leading innovation from the pioneers of laser-based aesthetic technology.

Post time: Jun-15-2022