COSMEDPLUS beauty equipments

COSMEDPLUS from r&d to sales is a one-stop beauty equipment manufacturers, the company in the domestic market share is high, also has a certain impact on foreign trade market, COSMEDPLUS beauty equipment companies expand again.

Alexandrite laser : it combines traditional freezing point all the advantages of hair removal, semiconductor laser hair removal, using 755 nm laser and 20mm / 24mm round large flare, with global patent certification of DCD cooling system, implements the comfortable ice cool hair removal, will not only hair removal rate up to 3 to 4 times before, more make large areas of hair removal becomes simple, hair removal time and the number of treatment.

          Diode laser hair removal : the international first-class laser supplier, specially designed for COSMEDPLUS development of electro-optic conversion efficiency high laser, an increase in hair removal effect at the same time make your 2 times devoted almost negligible.Use of laser COHERENT companies in the United States;

         SHR IPL : Perfect pulse cosmetic instrument: the unique perfect pulse technology, guarantee the uniformity of each pulse energy, eliminate the high energy of the first pulse peak, son of pulse energy attenuation, one by one to form homogeneous “perfect” pulse waveform;Each pulse energy uniform, to avoid the common IPL pulse energy attenuation, to improve the effectiveness of the clinical treatment of each pulse;To eliminate the first pulse high-energy peaks, put an end to the ordinary IPL caused by the risk of burns, blistering, security has improved significantly.

Q-Switch ND yag laser :

Mainly used for removing endogenous pigmentary skin lesion, exogenous pigment problems and traumatic pigmentation of the skin.

Endogenous pigmentary skin lesions: nevus of ota, ITO, mole, Mongolia spot, zygomatic brown blue nevus, coffee spots, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, against, the boundary mole, melanosis, blue nevus, pigmentation after inflammation, chloasma, etc.Exogenous pigment skin problems: tattoo, tattoo eyeline, eyeliner, Wen Chun line and traumatic tattoo pigment skin lesions.

          Radio frequency

        Remove wrinkles: play a wrinkle, obviously improve moderate wrinkles, eye wrinkles, neck, hand tightening, improve mouth weeks wrinkles, dispel black rim of the eye, eye plastic surgery.Tender skin, contract pore, improve the skin, increase skin elasticity, improve acne sequelae.
Cuo sores: because of its special the contraction of the sebaceous glands, such as cooperate with butterfly lovers treatment is the preferred way to treat acne system.Firming skin and restore: it can be finished at the same time the skin of the X, Y, Z axis direction of three multi-level the reconstruction of the epidermis and the dermis.

Slimming, shape, dissolve fat: when using unipolar treatment head with good dissolve fat and tighten skin so this product has good effect of slimming and shaping.
Improve stretch marks: freezing waves lift system has good tissue collagen to improve, so the stretch marks can improve effectively.

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