755nm Alexandrite laser hair removal treatment

Alexandrite laser machine is popular hair removal machine now .  the difference between alexandrite laser with traditional laser USES global patent DCD cooling system, spray treatment before the cold, protect the skin, no pain and avoid cross infection of the skin.So the 755 nm alexandrite laser hair removal system and is known as a new generation of “fast and safe hair removal laser.”As the latest generation of alexandrite laser hair removal system, it is with all new hair removal and the advantage of traditional diode laser hair removal, IPL laser, 755 nm alexandrite laser gold standard adopted by the 18 mm large circular spot, the hair removal rate up to 3 to 4 times before, not only make large areas of hair removal becomes simple, more save hair removal time and the number of treatment, only need to 2 to 3 times, and diode laser hair removal need more than 5 times.
Price of alexandrite laser hair removal treatment :
1, related to the oneself own circumstance.
Everyone needs the parts is different, hair removal by the parts charge, hair removal parts is different, the price also is different.In addition, each people have thick body hair density, hair growth cycle is different, the number of hair removal required is different, this also caused the difference in price for the laser hair removal.
2,  the choice of the hospital.
It Is little different from different hospitals, equipment, technical level is distinct, there exist certain differences in charge standard, it can also affect the price of the hair removal.

Alexandrite laser hair removal treatment notes :
1, waxing not use depilate cream, preoperative hair removal cream and other cosmetics.Literally bathed before hair removal.
2, after depilation preoperative to orthopedic hospital looking for experienced physician visits.First determining the location and scope of the hair removal, as a result of hair removal is permanent, in a certain range of hair removal is cosmetic effect.
3, through the skin has some warm feeling, this is normal phenomenon, the physician will selectively to particularly sensitive with surface anesthesia, complete hair removal in America can be happy.
4, hair removal surgery, doctors cold hair removal in 10 to 15 minutes, hair removal should be spared exposure sunshine.
5, each hair removal after 20 days to review in a timely manner to the plastic hospital, physicians can determine hair removal effect and the next hair removal time according to the arrangement of details and scope of hair removal.

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Post time: Nov-04-2022