M22 Aopt Full Body Skin Rejuvenation Multifunction Ipl Opt Hair Removal Equipment

M22 Aopt Full Body Skin Rejuvenation Multifunction Ipl Opt Hair Removal Equipment

Short Description:

7 filters

Vascular—Inflammatory acne

515nm-treatment of epidermal pigment

560nm—Deep Epidermal Pigment|Superficial Blood Vessel

590nm—vascular disease, to remove yellow gas

615nm—Reduce blood streaks

640nm—fine lines, large pores, anti-inflammatory, skin rejuvenation

695nm—Freezing point hair removal

Wavelength Range

560-1200nm: skin rejuvenation, coarse pore treatment, promote skin elasticity

640-1200nm: telangiectasia treatment

690-1200nm: dark hair removal

Product Detail

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Product Name IPL SHR Pulsed Light Laser Machine
Light Intense pulsed light
Wavelength 420nm,530nm,590nm,640nm,690nm(Optional)
Transfer System Sapphire
Energy Density 0-60J/cm²
Spot Size 8*40mm2/15*50mm2 (Optional)
Pulse Number 1-5 pulse (adjustable)
Pulse Width 5-30 ms (adjustable)
Pulse Delay 5-30 ms (adjustable)
Display Screen 8” TFT true color touch screen
Power 1500W
Cooling System Water cooling, Air cooling, Semiconductor
Refrigeration -3℃ to 5℃
Electrical Source 100V~240V,50/60Hz
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1. Pigmented lesions: freckles, freckle-like nevus (spots), sunburn, age spots, part of chloasma, nevus stains, spot-like post-inflammatory pigmentation, etc.

2. Skin rejuvenation: remove superficial wrinkles, significantly improve moderate or severe light wrinkles, narrow pores, improve skin texture, increase skin elasticity, and significantly improve the sequelae of acne.

3. Hair removal: remove excess hair in any part except eyelid attachments and eyebrows.

4. Acne: Eliminate acne, balance oil secretion and improve skin texture.

5. Firming and skin reshaping.

6. telangiectasia: effective treatment of facial red blood streaks, get rid of red face symptoms, rosacea, etc.

7. Non-facial rejuvenation treatment, whitening the skin of various parts of the body.

8. Removal of tattoos, eyebrows, moles, and treatment of epidermal spots.



1.2 years warranty for the machine

2.ABS Injection plastic material shell

3.Japanese imported 15000uF capacitor

4.SHR/SSR/E-light/OPT 4 modes optional

5.SHR + E-light double handpiece IPL machine

6.1-10Hz super hair removal, fast and pain-free

7.UK imported lamp, lifespan over 1 million shots

8.E-light energy 1-50J/cm2 , SHR energy up to 26J/cm2

9.SHR wavelength 650nm-950nm, E-light has 5 filters


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