High quality 4 handle vacuum cavitation slimming weight loss Vacuum Roller Massage Machine

High quality 4 handle vacuum cavitation slimming weight loss Vacuum Roller Massage Machine

Short Description:

1. Eyelid area treatment

2. Skin surface smooth

3. Cellulite reduction

4. Wrinkle removal

5. Skin tightening

6. Body slimming

7. Body shaping

8. Skin liftingMassage

Product Detail

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Voltage 220v/110v; 50Hz-60Hz
Screen 10.4inch touch screen
Working Mode Pulse
Pulse Time 1-9s
Cavitation 40KHz
Vacuum 100Kpa
Vacuum Level Level 1-7
RF Energy 1J/cm2-50J/cm2
IR 0W-20W
Rev of roller  0-36 rpm
 Laser wavelength  940nm
Power Consumption ≤400W

Product Advantage

Four Advantages of this machine as below:

1. 650nm lipo laser heats skin & fat tissue up to 13mm depth 

Emits specific wavelengths of light designed to target fat cells

Delivers the lipo laser energy deep into the fat layer

Liquefies the fat to remove the fat easier

Significantly reduces the size of fat cells

Improves the substantial body contour

2. Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) heats skin & fat tissue from 5 to 15 mm depth.

Promotes metabolism of Fat cells & Lipolysis activities

Facilitates fibroblast activity

Stimulate collagen rejuvenation on target skin after lipolysis treatment

Improves skin elasticity & firming

3. Powerful Pulsed Vacuum Mechanical massage 

Stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation

Reduces volume of fat cells

Ensures precise delivery of heating energy

Promotes vasodilatation and extravasations of oxygen

Improve appearance of cellulite

Mechanical massage effect of connective tissue

Improves edema and body line reshaping

4. Automatic rollers with different working directions for different applications

Lipo In - Intense mobilisation for cellulite and stubborn fat

Lipo out - Controlled and specific stimulation of loose skin and cellulite

Lipo up/down - Redesigning the figures-body contouring


Working principle

The Vacuum series is a vacuum negative pressure , bipolar RF , infrared laser , skin folding , mechanical rolling technology instrument , suitable for all parts of the body of fat-dissolving , shaping the body , firming the skin , and physiotherapy equipment. It can effectively degrade the subcutaneous fat cells into carbon dioxide and water , and at the same time promote the metabolism of the human body , greatly improving the eftect of lipolysis , shaping and physiotherapy.

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